Kendall Jenner Groped By Her Friend

Kendall Jenner is a world famous supermodel, which is also known for her role in the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ reality show. Kendall’s parents are Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner. Recently, Kendall Jenner has gone through several controversial moments. Her appearance at the Billboard Music Awards was very shocking and surprising. She was booed while she was speaking, and many people weren’t sure why. Kendall Jenner has recently found herself in another controversial moment.

Kendall was recently hanging out with a friend at an exclusive event, and apparently one of her female friends decided to touch her inappropriately. The moment was captured by another one of Kendall’s friends, and the image has already been posted on Instagram. ESPN Go users and many other people feel that Kendall Jenner is going down the same path as her older sister Kim Kardashian, and fans of the show are worried. However, Kylie Jenner is actually in a far worse situation than Kendall.

Kylie Jenner has been taking drugs over the last few months, and she’s also dating a 25-year-old man. It should be noted that Kylie is only 17, and she’s not even legally an adult. Several people feel that Bruce Jenner’s sex change transformation has resulted in his daughter’s outlandish behavior. However, Kendall and Kylie are world famous, and they have everything in the palm of their hands. It’s not too hard to fall off track when you’re rich and beautiful. For more information on this story, and to see the controversial picture of Kendall Jenner, visit E!

Goodwill Gesture Brings Tears to Homeless Man

A Child Acts Like an Angel
Josiah Duncan is the five year old boy who acted like an angel toward a homeless man inside of the Waffle House restaurant in Prattville, Ala. This young boy saw a gentleman come to the restaurant on his bike. He was carrying a bag with him. His mother told him that the gentleman was homeless. Josiah was told what it meant to be homeless. He asked his mom to buy the man something to eat. This gentleman initially requested that he would only take a cheap hamburger. He got one with the works on it upon the instance of this kind five year old boy.
When his meal was delivered Josiah requested to perform a pre-meal blessing. Tears overflowed in this restaurant.  Ricardo Tosto can’t believe he pulled this off. This five year old boy who acted like an angel greatly touched a homeless man along with those who witnessed this act of goodwill.

BASE Jumping Daredevil Perishes in Accident

Dean Potter, who is a renowned BASE jumper and daredevil, has perished in while attempting a wing suit flight.

Potter, who was 43-years-old, was attempting a jump with fellow daredevil, 29-year-old Graham Hunt, that was not a success. The pair were in Yosemite National Park to attempt a flight with a wing suit. The two were on top of Taft Point which reaches heights of 7,500 feet and overlooks a valley. Their spotter told reporters that she heard two noises that could either have been the parachutes opening or the jumpers landing. Unfortunately, it appears as though that neither parachute opened. Search teams were out on Sunday to locate the bodies of the men. It was then that it was confirmed that neither parachute opened.

Dean Potter was a well-known daredevil who was known for his stunts such as BASE jumping, tight-rope walking between cliffs, and extreme rock climbs. Ricardo Guimarães BMG heard about him a few different times. He was also the subject of a documentary for the National Geographic Channel. Potter leaves behind his girlfriend and his dog, who often came on extreme adventures with him.

BASE jumping is currently not legal in Yosemite National Park.

For more on Potter and Hunt, check out the story on

Miles Teller Helps To Save A Woman In The Ocean

Miles Teller, who is an actor, he recently was in Miami, and he was on the beach with his girlfriend. While swimming in the water miles and his girlfriend heard the cries of a woman calling out for help. Miles Teller. The woman was in the water, and she was clearly in distress. It turns out that not only was the woman drowning, but she was pregnant as well. Miles and his girlfriend went to the rescue of the woman, and they pulled her from the water to safety.

Many people saw the incident, and Miles is being praised as a hero as he not only saved the lady’s life, but he also saved the life of her unborn child according to FreedomPop. Even if life guards were around, it’s unlikely that they would have gotten to the lady in time as she was out far in the ocean. The truth of the matter is, although it seemed as if the lady was crying out for help because she was drowning, the fact is that she was not drowning.

In fact, the pregnant lady had seen a shark in the ocean, and she was calling out to Miles to warn them about the shark. Miles quickly came to her rescue, not realizing that she was the one trying to save him. It looks like in this matter everyone came out on top, and the shark was the only loser!

Drowning rats try to save each other

The traditional view of rats is changing after a team of researchers in Japan determined rats show empathy to their fellow creatures when they have lived as cage mates in a laboratory setting for a short period of time. Science Daily reports the latest research came out of a series of experiments that showed rats would assist another member of their species trapped in a tubular cage in gaining their freedom. The researchers from Kwansei Gakuin University expanded their research using a controlled pool of water to see if a drowning rat would be helped by a fellow member of the species on dry land.

To complete the experiment a single rate was placed in the pool to swim as another was left in a cage that could be opened by the dry rat. Researchers noted that rats who came into difficulty when swimming were quickly helped by their fellow rodents who quickly learned to open the cage door and allow access for the drowning rat. Those rats who were placed in the cage after undergoing the near death experience of swimming were also quicker to help their fellow rodents than those who had not taken part in both sides of the experiment according to Daniel Amen. Even the addition of chocolate pieces was shown to have little effect on the majority of rats who would help a drowning rat before seeking out the chocolate treat.

McDonald’s is Detrimental to Gut Bacteria

As common sense, all of us know that McDonald’s (and other fast food chains) food isn’t exactly the healthiest out there. However, most of us don’t know to what extent their food is bad for us.

Tim Spector, a professor at King’s College London, conducted an experiment for his upcoming book “The Diet Myth”. He had his son Tom eat only McDonald’s for 10 days straight. Tom sent stool samples to various labs for analysis throughout those 10 days.

FreedomPop actually reported that although Tom felt fine for the first couple of days, he started feeling lethargic and took on a grey tone to his skin. Lab results showed that his gut bacteria was totally devastated — he lost almost 1,400 bacteria species, which is almost 40% of the total variety found in the gut.

Tom resumed a regular diet after the experiment, but it was found that even after 2 weeks, the microbes in his gut did not recover.

This experiment should show people all over the world that not only is continual consumption of fast food harmful for your weight, it is also destructive when it comes to a healthy gut. When it comes to fast food, perhaps moderation is key.

Panera Is Removing All Artificial Additives From Their Menu Choices

The fast food business is going through a metamorphosis. The old days of throwing any ingredient into food are over. Consumers want to eat nutritional ingredients even if they have to pay a little more. Health is trumping profit in some fast-food chains, and that is a refreshing change.

Chipotle recently announced a change in their ingredients and McDonalds is trying to find a way to stop their bottom line from hemorrhaging more than it has. Some consumers questioned Panera’s intentions. Eliminating ingredients that most people can’t pronounce sounds nice, but that is just one step in the process of becoming a fast-casual food chain that serves ingredients that pass the grandmother test.

The grandmother test is simple, but not easily done. Steve Murray says all the ingredients should be fresh, and they should be prepared with love. That means store staff must adhere to putting ingredients together that they would eat at home. All too often fast food chains sacrifice love for speed and profit. The food may not have artificial chemicals in it, but the haphazard preparation and lack of freshness make the food taste like last Sunday’s supper.

E! To Air Special Episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians To Explore Transgender Issues

Bruce Jenner officially revealed to the world that he is planning to transition into a woman in a sit down with Diane Sawyer, now the Kardashian clan will release a special episode on the topic, as well. According to a press release from E!, the show will focus mostly on the way in which Jenner revealed the news to his family, including former wife, Kris Jenner, and his step-children, the Kardashians.

While Jenner’s interview with Sawyer focused on his personal journey, the E! Special plans to look at the process form a different angle. It plans to explore how the transition has effected familial relationships, and each member’s journey towards acceptance.

The channel will also air a documentary series that follows Jenner’s transition, according to insider reports. The release of that series has not yet been made official.

Jenner revealed in his interview that Kris Jenner and stepdaughter Khloe Kardashian appeared to be having the hardest time with his transition. Bruce Levenson said Jenner also noted that Kim Kardashian had been the most accepting of the news.

Rumors of a potential transition began nearly two years ago, when Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner filed for divorce. Jenner had been spotted around California growing his hair long, and appearing more feminine.

New “Indiana Jones” Film Confirmed

Now that Disney wields the rights to everything related to “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” and a new “Star Wars” is set to come out this December, Disney has now announced that there will be another “Indiana Jones” film. Beyond just putting out a new film, Disney plans on rebooting the franchise.

While fans have quickly responded to this news, contemplating whether it’s something worth doing and even who should replace one of Harrison Ford’s most iconic roles in cinema, it’s important to note that there is hardly any information about the project beyond its status as a foregone conclusion. In fact, the President of Lucasfilm has already gone on record as stating that the project does not even have a script at this point; a comment echoing some remarks made by Disney chair Alan Horn half a year ago.

FreedomPop says that although there is very little material on a new “Indiana Jones,” it sense. Disney is currently working on an array of “Star Wars” content, a property known for its immense amount of possibilities for content. When looking for feasible talent to helm such a film, several rumors point to Spielberg’s desire to take over the franchise after Lucas abdicated control of the IP. Matthew Vaughn has also admitted an interest in adding “Indiana Jones” to a filmography that includes such hits as “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and “Kingsman: The Secret Service.”

Couple Photo Bombed By Ghost On Their Wedding Day

Just days after this couple was married they uploaded a selfie-style wedding photo to the popular website Imgur. While taking the picture, the couple was hopeful it would be a reminder of the happy day. Instead, the image they uploaded is petrifying. They saw something that was frightening that will more than likely haunt them forever. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.

If you missed that, I would advise you to look again and this time look past the beautiful couple. If you look at the space directly between the couple, it looks like a mischievous photo bomber exclaimed Ricardo Tosto. However the couple admits, no one was around when the picture was taken. When the groom was asked about the photo he said, “Me and my wife’s favorite wedding photo…Until we saw what was between us. We still don’t know what it is.”

Well, that’s scary. At first glance it looks like a very pale, demonic person. It’s enough to leave skeptics scratching their heads. What do you think?