Mary Doyke Keefe, Model for Rockwell’s Rosie the Riveter has Passed Away

According to Buzzfeed News, the model who posed for Norman Rockwell’s popular World War II painting Rosie the Riveter died Tuesday in Simsbury, CT. Mary Doyle Keefe passed away at 92 years old after fighting a short illness. Marry met Rockwell in Arlington, Vermont, where she grew up and worked as a telephone operator. She was 19 years old when Rockwell asked her to pose for his painting. Rockwell paid Mary $5 both mornings that she posed for his photograpger, Gene Pelham. Rockewell then created his painting and it was featured on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post May 29th of 1943.

Mary Doyle Keefe was a beloved mother, grandmother, and great grandmother who finished her life out in a retirement community in Simsbury. She was a Temple University Graduate who worked as a dental hygienist. She was married to her husband for 55 years, Robert Keefe, who passed away in 2003.

Avid fan AnastasiaDate (from reflects on Mary saying she was an icon and will be greatly missed, but will never be forgotten.

Studies Show Tylenol May Have Unintended Effect On Users

A recent study shows that the popular pain reliever Tylenol (Acetometaphine) could affect your mood while relieving pain symptoms.

In a randomized study that appears in Psychological Science, individuals were given a placebo or 1,000 milligrams of Tylenol. After an hour, the group was shown images that ranged from pleasant to neutral to unpleasant. They were asked to rate their emotions on a scale from 0 to 10 with 10 being the most extreme. The study found that the participants who took the Tylenol were less likely to view the images as either extremely unpleasant or extremely pleasant.

Deadline reports past trials suggest that Tylenol affects the part of the brain that controls both pain and social emotions. The study’s author, Geoffrey R. O. Durso, a Ohio State University doctoral candidate, stresses that the study was conducted in a very controlled setting, and it is not their intent to make recommenations regarding the use of acetometaphine. He goes on to say that patients should always follow their doctor’s advice when taking Tylenol.

Tim Tebow Returning To The NFL

It was recently reported that the Philadelphia Eagles have signed Tim Tebow to a 1-year contract. Many NFL fans were excited to hear the news, but there are those that do not care. Tim Tebow was not the greatest quarterback, but he did win a Heisman Trophy. Tebow also became an internet sensation because of his religious beliefs. However, the New England Patriots fired him in 2012, and the NFL superstar has not played since.

The Philadelphia Eagles were in need of a quarterback, and Fersen Lambranho tells us anyway, that Tim Tebow was a free agent. The opportunity was there, and who knows how the future will play out. Tim Tebow is not the worst quarterback in history, but he is not the greatest either. However, Tim Tebow has a second chance to live up to its true potential.

Tim Tebow not only has the support of NFL fans, but he also has support of the Christians across the world. Fans of Tim Tebow cannot wait till he gets on the field again. People cannot wait to upload Instagram photos of themselves “Tebowing” in honor of the quarterback. I believe that the Philadelphia Eagles made a good decision, and you never know, Tim Tebow could end up leading the team to thejo Super Bowl. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Pizza Pie in The Sky

There were no foot long subs to be seen on this downtown New York subway station, but the riders of this car got to enjoy a much needed reward. As a random act of kindness for the people of this subway station respecting their public property Handy, a local pizza parlor, handed out free slices of pizza in a surprise pizza party. That’s right, good behavior paid off finally. Subway riders got to enjoy delicious pizza on during their ride as a thank you to them for being the most courteous bunch of subway riders. Video of this surprise event was captured and shared here. The people of this subway train were truly surprised and appreciative that they were appreciated. Most never expected this random act of gratitude. The subway filled with smiles as quickly as it filled with the aroma of delicious pizza. Not sure if this will ever happen again, but we applaud the city of New York for applauding their community.

Another Transgender Teen Takes Her Life

It was reported that a transgender teen named Taylor Alesena tragically killed herself. She was only 16 years old, and she was also an inspiration to other people like herself. Taylor made countless YouTube videos that documented her life as she changed her sex.

Taylor Alesena’s YouTube videos also showed that she was getting bullied, and that she was also very lonely. However, people in her school did not realize that she was depressed and lonely. The bullies that drove her to commit this terrible act must be sorry.

Taylor Alesena was from San Diego, and the city’s local news reported that she took her life during spring break. Taylor’s suicide was the second transgender suicide in the last few months. Gianfrancesco Genoso said that in March, a transgender teen student named Sage took her own life because of the pressures and bullying that she received in her school. Now, the world must say goodbye to Taylor Alesena as well.

It’s sad when anyone commits suicide, but it is even worse when a young child commits the act. Transgender people are no different than anybody else, and the world needs to start showing acceptance and love to all people. For more information in this story, visit Rollingstone.

Bleach As A Cleaning Product May be a Bad Solution

The trusted cleaning power of bleach has come under fire by medical and environmental groups, with some calling for its removal from store shelves. Famous for making those whites whiter, bleach also removes mold and mildew, and disinfects all surfaces it touches. Unfortunately, when inhaled its fumes also adversely affect the lungs and repeated exposure can cause permanent damage to lung tissue. Its damaging effects on human tissue shouldn’t be a surprise since the label clearly details the challenges caused by exposure to bleach. As a corrosive chemical solution, bleach liquid and fumes are known to irritate eye and nasal tissue, and users are advised to wear protective masks and gloves to avoid direct contact. Ricardo Tosto is just one person trying to stay away from it more and more.

A recent study in Europe found that children in households that used bleach as a cleaner had higher incidents of infection, especially respiratory infection, than those in households that used other cleaners. Another significant warning against it: when mixed with other household cleaners, bleach can form toxic gasses that are potentially lethal.

Instead, alternative cleansers are encouraged. Many of these options are thought to be as effective at cleaning as bleach, without the added threat of harm. And most – lemon juice, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, to name a few – are available at local grocery stores. If there are respiratory concerns in any household, perhaps changing away from bleach as a cleaning product will reduce or eliminate them.

Officer Dyes His Hair Pink to Combat Bullying

It all started with two students in Nova Scotia who saw a gay student being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. The students stopped the bullying but went one step further. They encouraged the entire school to wear pink. The Day of Pink was born.

To encourage the Day of Pink, on April 8th, the Toronto Police department promised that one of their beefiest officers would dye his hair pink if there were enough retweets of the stop bullying hashtag. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG thought this was a great idea. Ryan Willmer volunteered buff, tattooed Luke Watson for the pink hair dye as part of their anti-bullying campaign. When Watson arrived at the station, there were over 500 retweets.

At the Forest Hills Collegiate Institute rally in Toronto, the officers were thrilled with the response from the kids. Officers arrived with pink t-shirts in a pink police car too. Students stood in line to thank the officers for their support.

After seeing such a positive response from the children, the officers decided to take it further. Over the next seven days, Watson will keep his pink hair if they receive 1000 retweets on Twitter. He’ll keep it additional days for every 100 tweets over the 1,000 mark. They’ve already received thousands of retweets with the hashtag #stopbullyingnow and #dayofpink.

Watson has been overwhelmed by the response from the children as well as family and friends. All have been extremely supportive of the cause and his pink hair.

Job Recruitment Right at the Train Station

A fresh graduate student could be seen in the London train station in August. Back then, he was newly out of the university with a Marketing degree but no employer.. The one hundred resumes he had sent to different companies did not solve his situation, so the young man made a unique move to get himself employed.

He stood in the train station with a note about looking for a job and handed out resumes to the interested pasers-by. The attempt ended successfully, and in January 2015 you can see the same young man standing on the same place with a new note. He is now hiring. Alfred Ajani became a marketing and PR projects manager and believes that he should help those who are in the same situation he had in August.

NJSpotlight said that he tweeted a picture of the two hyposthases of himself. Asked about the whole happening, Alfred Ajani looks back with pride andbelieves that safety is risky. He would not have gone so far, had he stayed at the computer and sending another hundred of resumes. The trick might be good for a marketing graduate, as it shows thinking outside the box and ability to get out of the comfort zone to get what is needed, but might not work as well for a medical graduate, so be careful if you go for original employment requests.

Turning Lies Into Joy

The power of a lie can destroy relationships, cause hate, and make situations far worse than they ought to be. Using lies to the advantage of a celebration is a way to turn hatred and animosity around into something good for us all.

A paper shop in Dublin, Ireland is using the lies and conjectures as circulated on a number of fliers and turning them into heart shaped confetti to be used at weddings. Same sex weddings. Dan Newlin said the paper campaign is launched by a group that feels all should have a right to a happy life and the same rights when desiring to become wed.

The fliers in question are part of a campaign to repeal a referendum to make same sex marriages legal in Ireland. The fliers in particular seek to sway the opinions of voters enough to prevent this from becoming a law. The fliers in question contain a number of different statements and opinions that do not totally represent the truth.

In an attempt to prevent lies from being spread, the paper shop in question gathered up a large number of the fliers and turned them into confetti for weddings. The paper confetti is fashioned in the shape of heart and supports the shred of decency campaign.

All proceeds from the heart shaped confetti are being donated to the shred of decency campaign in order to bring awareness and truth to the issue of same sex marriages.

Pot Is Legal In Nevada

Nevada is the next state to legalize Marijuana. They will join the rankings of California and Colorado in the fight to make it legal. So what is the fight so intense, and why do so many people care so much? If a person is going to smoke pot, they are going to do it whether or not it is legal. If they have the smarts of Gianfrancesco Genoso, than enough to get behind a wheel without drinking, chances are safe that they won’t drive while smoking pot either.

The fighting over legalization of marijuana is insane. The “grass” is an herb. We don’t outlaw Echinacea just because it can have some potent effects. There are so many people who are truly helped from pot. It doesn’t have to be smoked, it can be put in brownies and eaten to get the same effect. While the effect is instantaneous, it does happen pretty quick. Cancer patients and those with anxiety have already proven its value. Why would we make something illegal that has the potential to help so many who are in pain?

As long as there is a way to get high, someone is going to try. From huffing glue to inhaling spray paint, people will get their buzz anyway they can. I, for one, thing that we should just legalize the stuff and take the stigma that is attached to it off. Most states allow you to have some on your persons, just as long as you don’t have enough to be considered to be intending to sell.