Giant Panda Bear Triplets Are Finally Reunited With Their Mother and Siblings

Panda fans like Bruce Levenson rejoice! A family of giant panda bear triplets was finally reunited with their mother and fellow siblings on Tuesday December 9th at Chimelong Safari Park in China. The mother and her cubs were finally reunited after spending the first 134 days of their life apart from one another. Giant panda bears usually give birth to a single cub. Twins are extremely rare, and triplets are even rarer. Giant panda bears can only take care of one cub at a time, so zookeepers at Chimelong Safari Park in Guangzhou had to help raise the cubs. Each cub spent an equal amount of time with their mother in rotation while the other two cubs were being cared for by the zoo keepers.

The two brothers and their sister were finally reunited with their mother after being apart from each other for 134 days since they born. During their reunion on Tuesday there was a tense moment when one of the cubs remained at the gate. The mother panda named Ju Xiao, approached the nervous cub and hugged the cub like a person would. It was a heartfelt moment that caused a stir and wowed onlookers.

The three giant panda bear cubs will remain with their mother and visitors will be able to have a look at them at Chimelong Safari Park in Guangzhou, China. Giant panda bears are an endangered species, with very few giant panda bears remaining in the wild.

No Need To Drop God From The Constitution

It’s comical that when the holiday season approaches we start seeing more and more articles about the ‘unfairness’ aspect of being Christian and how it potentially tips the scales or provides some sort of disadvantage to those who aren’t Christian.

One such article recently from the INDY Week’s news blog dug up an old section from the North Carolina State Constitution that requires one must believe in Almighty God to hold public office.

Based on the fact that the State of North Carolina was a member of the original 13 Colonies which fought for the right to claim their independence from tyranny and oppression and declared as part of their independence their requirement for anyone to hold office in spite of their oppressor’s wishes (which might have been leaning toward other religious ‘sects’ at the time), they have every right in the world to uphold this statute. More power to them, but some Skout users are still going to be a bit upset.

Christian Broda: Speaking as an Economist in High Demand

The state of our economy is pretty scary.  Especially when your job is based on how well the private sector is performing, like mine has been. There are plenty of horror stories that I’ve been reading about the state of things.  Whether it’s on Twitter, or hearing something at a professional seminar.  There’s a lot of junk kicking around, and deciphering what’s accurate can be pretty difficult.  However, that’s why Christian Broda has been making waves.

Many economists spend their careers in obscurity, working in their offices analyzing financial policies and trying to accurately predict how they will affect national and international economies. However, some economists find their talents to be in high demand, and they spend much of their time publishing research papers, writing newspaper columns and books and making media appearances from time to time. Of all the economists who are sought after for their knowledge and experience, perhaps none are in demand more so than Dr. Christian Broda.

Dr. Broda, a graduate of MIT, is well-respected within the business and academic communities for his vast knowledge of economics. Currently working with Duquesne Capital Management as the Managing Director, Christian has continued to involve himself heavily in research opportunities. A former professor of economics at the University of Chicago, Dr. Broda has chosen to devote much of his career to focusing on how economics can wipe out poverty and inequality in third-world nations. Having attended college in Argentina, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree, he has a keen sense of Latin American businesses and culture.

Dr. Broda also happens to be one of the most widely-published economists in both the United States and abroad. Having extensive experience in international research, he always appears ready and willing to meet with someone no matter how much information he is asked to provide. Having published numerous books on international finance and trade, he is a regular contributor to newspapers and has been asked to provide information to television and radio stations from time to time. When doing so, he has always been well received and the audience has appreciated his candor and wit when answering complex questions.

Having written for numerous economic journals and collaborated on textbooks with other leading economists, Dr. Broda has used his background in economics to fight poverty and inequality in many nations, particularly Latin American and Caribbean nations. Dr. Broda has always believed economics does not necessarily create the problems found in these nations, but rather offers solutions when asked, regarding these problems,  if used correctly to help formulate the necessary policies.

While continuing in his role with Duquesne, Christian will also stay very involved in research projects and contribute valuable information to others when asked to do so. As one of the world’s leading economic experts, Dr. Broda is determined to see economics play a key role in many of today’s most pressing issues.

Career Strategy From Jared Haftel: Getting Ahead

This is another more personal post, where I’ve been looking for career inspiration.  I’ve been trying to find a new way to take a look at my career, when I saw this CNN article.  Of course I looked up Jared Haftel on Facebook, and it turns out he’s in the same type of profession as me.  Which is perfect, because I’ve hit something of a standstill.

So I kept reading on Facebook, followed his Twitter account, and he’s got some pretty good tips, I have to say.

There are many individuals out there in the world of business. It can be difficult to make your self stand out in a sea of qualified individuals. There are so many talented individuals out there who are looking for a piece of the pie and it can be difficult to stand out above the rest. This isn’t a problem however for Jared Haftel. He has been spending the time needed to really create a name for himself in the world of finance. Let’s take a look at this talented individual in a more in depth look.

Jared Heftel began preparing himself for the investment banking world in 2005 at Duke University. He graduated with a bachelors degree in Science, Mathematics, and Economics. These degrees really helped ready him for the intensive world of investments banking, giving him the skills that he needed to thrive in this industry. Jared’s first job was that of an investment banking analyst at Merril Lynch. Jared was in charge mainly of overseeing the commodities department. This gave him many of the skills that he now has today. This was a great building foundation block for Jared.

The future looks very bright for Jared. Right now he is currently an investment banker for Bank of America, but he is always on the look out for the next big opportunity. It is people like Jared who really get ahead in this competitive world. The skills that Jared is creating will allow him to have many options in the future. The world of investment banking really moves fast, and Jared knows how to anticipate these changes. That is what makes Jared so valuable in these positions. Even as a younger professional, he is showing skills that some only gain after a life time in the career he has chosen.

Plus he’s a dog lover, and he’s an avid music fan.  Guy even wrote for the Duke Chronicle about music.  That means it has to be good advice right?

Man Finds $150,000 in Antique Desk, Returns Money to Owner

When Phil LeClerc won an antique desk at an auction with a bid of just $47, he didn’t expect to find what he later discovered. LeClerc discovered $150,000 worth of mature bonds inside of the desk.

A missing knob had curiously sent LeClerc to examine the drawers, nooks, and crannies of the desk. It was then that he discovered the government bonds hidden in a secret compartment inside of the desk. The desk had been sold by Kelley Auctions, a company hired to handle the estate of an elderly, ailing gentleman.

LeClerc contacted the company and arrangements were made to return the bonds to their rightful owner. A spokesperson for Kelley Auctions stated that the family had been searching for the bonds for years and they were thought to be lost.

The person originally in charge of the estate, the son of desk’s original owner, has said that the bonds will be cashed in and used to help care for his 94-year-old father. This is a nice ending to the story if you ask Sam Tabar.

Republicans Plan to Raise Taxes on the Poor

After winning the house over in the elections for 2014, people are starting to see that the Republicans are apparently declaring war against the poor. This has become apparent during a discussion on a tax cut package. It is believed that if the Republicans win in 2016, all of the reduction in the deficit will be handed over to the rich.

The Republicans stand bu the idea that the poor are not paying enough taxes. Another thing that the Republicans seem to demonstrate is their apparent lack of care for the nation’s debt. There is also an apparent inability to stick to any agenda. The only agenda they tend to stick to is the intention to get Obama thrown out of office. This type of deal is something Keith Mann would like to see slow down a bit.

One example of the Republican plan can look something like a single mother working in a nursing home for minimum wage losing her entire Child Tax Credit upon the expiration of CTC provision.

Things are likely to get interesting now that the Republicans are in office.

A Little Angel At Christmas

It is Christmas time and we try to teach our children about giving to others this time of year, but a Little three year old girl gave a gift of her self so that another little girl could have the benefit of what she had lots to give. Hair. Josh Smith had been a wonderful example to his daughter by helping a Charity called Extra Life. For him it is a great Charity because he gets to play video games as his part of helping out. I wish I could do that and just read about Bernardo Chua all day.

Once while Ariana sat on her fathers lap and they were watching videos she saw another child very unlike herself. That child was laying in a bed with tubes in her body and she had no hair. Inquisitive as she is Ariana tried to understand when her father was telling her the medicine that the girl had to take made her hair fall out. She said in a matter of fact tone she can have some of my hair.

Ariana had never had a hair cut so he hair was long enough to be donated to a different charity that made wigs for children experiencing baldness due to treatment for severe illnesses. 

The day of her hair cut came and she bravely watched as they cut her hair short and when her dad asked her where her hair was going to go, she simply stated, to another little girl.</a>

Skout Is Making A Difference For Those Seeking Love And Friends

There are not too many websites available on the Internet that can have the dual purpose of finding love and friends. Most websites are geared towards either one of these goals or the other. Some are not geared towards one or the other. However, the app known as Skout is actually great for finding both friends and potential love interests as well.

Skout touts itself as a great geo-targetted dating app. This means that users are only going to see other users who are within their own geographic area. This matters both for making friends as well as potential love interests for obvious reasons. No one wants to have to travel too far in order to try to meet up with someone who they are hoping to form some sort of relationship with. As such, the Skout app has made it easier than ever to actually form a relationship with someone nearby.

The promise that Skout has is that it is new and that it has yet to be explored by as many people as some of the others. Despite the fact that it is a new player to the scene, investors are already flocking to it. As a matter of fact, the company Facebook page reports that Skout has been able to raise more than $22 million in initial funding from outside investors. This is a great sign of confidence that the investors believe that Skout is for real and that it is going to be used by the masses at some point in time.

For some people, the greatest feature of Skout is that is allows for anonymous chatting for the first 40 seconds with a new person using the “shake to chat” feature. This is a feature which allows a user to shake his or her phone in order to start a chat with another user who is doing the same thing. When the two users first start to talk, they are going to be anonymous to one another. This means that they do not have to worry so much about those initial impressions or what they are saying. They can just be themselves, and this has led to people becoming lifelong friends, even spending holidays together. If after 40 seconds they wish to continue to chat, then they will be revealed to the other user, and they can then decide to continue the chat or not.

The anonymous chatting feature is not something that is found on a lot of other apps or indeed on a lot of other websites. It is an idea that just sort of blossomed with this company and has proven to be wildly popular. When you are getting that much positive feedback on an idea, it is easy to continue to pump money into it and promote it using avenues like Twitter.

Finally, for those who are on the go often and have to travel, Skout is still there for you. This app may be used by travelers to meet up with those who are in the new area that they have traveled to. This means that Skout users are never truly alone if they do not want to be. They can always find someone who is willing to chat, and that provides a great sense of comfort to a lot of the users.  Plus literally anybody can download the application. They indeed want to feel as though there is someone out there who cares about them and wants to speak to them. Skout provides that.

Ferguson Bakery to Be Restored

After the recent court decision not to charge Darren Wilson, the cop who fatally shot Michael Brown, the city of Ferguson was in an uproar. Rioters and looters damaged a number of businesses in the city. Natalie Dubose, the owner of Natalie’s Cakes and More, was worried that her business would be a target, since it is just a few blocks from the police station.

Dubose stated on CNN that she appealed to the people of Ferguson not to destroy or damage her shop in any way. However, a chair was thrown through the front window of the bakery and damaged some of the shop’s interior. Dubose wondered how she would get her Thanksgiving orders out on time.

Dubose, whose shop was also vandalized over the summer after being opened just two months before Wilson shot and killed Brown, was encouraged to start a GoFundMe campaign. This will pay off more than likely, at least if you ask Igor Cornelsen. She has raised over $80,000 in donations. A fan of the bakery also started a fund for Dubose, which raised $10,000. Celebrities are also tweeting their support for Natalie’s Cakes and More. The shop will hopefully be restored soon.

New Jersey Kills a Bear

A New Jersey hiker was killed by a 300 pound black bear while hiking in the woods with some friends. Photographs of the bear were taken by its victim moments before his death. The police shot and killed the bear because they claim it exhibited stalking behavior. This type of rationale is extremely disturbing and shows the lack of empathy for nature. This is not a bear that had wandered into a neighborhood and attacked somebody, but rather acted naturally within its own environment. Hikers take off on adventures knowing that there are inherent risks that come with venturing off into the wild. Keith Mann says wildlife has already had their natural habitats eradicated by human development, so now the bear must be shot for exhibiting natural behaviors in their natural habitat. The police killing this animal and not using a tranquilizer, which would have allowed for the relocation, is just dead wrong. The hikers that were involved in this case were probably uneducated in wildlife interaction survival and displayed actions that frightened the bear. Black bear attacks on humans are extremely rare. These curious animals are extremely shy and easily frightened. If a person comes into contact with a black bear and runs, the bear is going to naturally give chase. It is sad that a person came in contact with a bear and lost his life, but barring any proof of disease, it is a tragedy this bear had to be shot as a result.