Pot Is Legal In Nevada

Nevada is the next state to legalize Marijuana. They will join the rankings of California and Colorado in the fight to make it legal. So what is the fight so intense, and why do so many people care so much? If a person is going to smoke pot, they are going to do it whether or not it is legal. If they have the smarts of Gianfrancesco Genoso, than enough to get behind a wheel without drinking, chances are safe that they won’t drive while smoking pot either.

The fighting over legalization of marijuana is insane. The “grass” is an herb. We don’t outlaw Echinacea just because it can have some potent effects. There are so many people who are truly helped from pot. It doesn’t have to be smoked, it can be put in brownies and eaten to get the same effect. While the effect is instantaneous, it does happen pretty quick. Cancer patients and those with anxiety have already proven its value. Why would we make something illegal that has the potential to help so many who are in pain?

As long as there is a way to get high, someone is going to try. From huffing glue to inhaling spray paint, people will get their buzz anyway they can. I, for one, thing that we should just legalize the stuff and take the stigma that is attached to it off. Most states allow you to have some on your persons, just as long as you don’t have enough to be considered to be intending to sell.

Saying Cheese


James L Kraft is credited to have been the one to invent and refine what today is known as Kraft Singles. These are individually wrapped packets of American cheese, and have become a staple for school lunches and the American diet. Recently, Kraft Singles earned the seal of approval from Vimeo AND Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. What is more, permission was given by the Academy for Kraft Foods to post on Kraft Singles packaging the slogan, “Kids Eat Right.” Reporter Stephanie Strom, writing in the New York Times, mentions the Academy to have over 75,000 members from the nutrition profession. Furthermore, Kraft Foods have periodic criticism by advocates for using preservatives and artificial dyes in many of its processed items. Also, the Academy is understood to have “cozy ties” with companies such as PepsiCo and Kellog who provide samples and seminars at the Academy annual meetings.
Other spokespersons see the label on Kraft Singles as a positive move toward informing the American public concerning improved dietetic habits. The trend in grocery shopping seems to support purchasing foods low in sugar, salt and fat; while parents encourage their children to ingest more whole grains, vegetables and fruit. Nutrition experts who are also parents regard Kraft Singles providing positive attributes such as calcium and vitamin D, which may be deficient in the overall dietary patterns of school age children.

September 11th Caused Heart Health Concerns For Utah Residents

We all know about the horrendous terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11th many years ago. This tragedy cost many people their lives and it cost over $10 billion in property damage. It also affected the health of the many people who were in the area during the time of the attack.Dr. Jennifer Walden realizes that  what most people do not know is that there is a community of people in Utah that have experienced an increase in heart related issues since these attacks.

The problem stems from a decrease in the length of a certain DNA segment that is at the end of many chromosomes. These spaces are called telomeres. These telomeres have a very distinct relation to heart health. Dr. Carlquist will soon be presenting his study at the 2015 American College of Cardiology which explains people in this Utah area experienced an increase in heart attacks following 9/11. It is not quite clear why this specific area, which was not directly related to the attacks is experiencing a difference in telomere length. The data is precise as ER admittances and heart attacks increased immediately following September 11th.

Dr. Carlquist along with some other professionals such as Richard M. Cawthon, Stacey Knight and Jeffrey S. Rollo plan to conduct future studies to help understand this phenomenon more clearly. Potential reasons could be specific media coverage that was produced locally that caused an increase in stress amongst people in this area.

Feds Busting Up “Maternity Tourism”

It might be an odd term to someone living in the United States, but it is actually a rather popular one for wealthy women who live on the outside of the country. The United States automatically makes a child a U.S. citizen when it is born in the country. Flavio Maluf suggested should this happen, the parents, especially the mother, receive all sorts of desirable benefits, not to mention access to quality education and government resources. This is why there has been a large number of pregnant women coming in from mostly asian nations in order to have their children in the U.S.

Different federal agents raided what they called “maternity hotels” inside of California on Tuesday. Companies run special programs that promise maternity tourism for these women. It takes a large amount of money, but the companies educate the women on how to falsify specific documents and how to lie to government officials as to why they are traveling to the United States. They are then put up in comfortable surroundings until they have their child. It is important to understand that it is not illegal to have a child in the United States. However, the fraudulent visa paperwork and lying to governing officials is, which is what allows them to come into the country to have their children. Currently, different federal government agencies are looking for ways to crack down on this sort of “tourism”

Christopher Cowdray and his Success with the Dorchester Collection

With over 30 years of international hotel management experience, Christopher Cowdray has been the chief executive officer (CEO) of the Dorchester Collection, a US and UK luxury hotel operation, since November 2007. Cowdray was born in Zimbabwe and earned his degree in hotel management before attending Columbia University in New York City. After graduating, he proceeded to manage a number of hotels around the world before becoming the general manager at the Dorchester Hotel. In 2007, he was appointed to CEO of the Dorchester Collection, owned by Dorchester Group Ltd. At the beginning, the Dorchester Collection managed five iconic hotels. Cowdray had a vision to grow the brand and build its reputation as the definitive international hotel management company.
Since his appointment, Cowdray has added several luxury hotels to the Dorchester Collection portfolio, including Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, Le Richmond in Geneva and Hotel Eden in Rome. Currently, the Dorchester Collection manages ten 5-star hotels across the world. Considered by some to be the most beautiful hotel collection in the world, each property retains its own individuality. Each hotel also features stunning and unique suites which are customized to blend with the feel of the hotel as well as the locale. Hotels from the Dorchester collection frequently appear on Elite Traveler’s 101 Top Suites list. For his accomplishments with the Dorchester collection, Cowdray received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2013 European Hospitality Awards. This award recognizes ‘service to the hotel community and their body of work’. More information on the Bloomberg website can be found.
The success of the Dorchester group can be attributed to their growth strategy and dedication to high luxury standards. Most properties acquired by the group received extensive renovations and conversions. Additionally, their current properties are regularly invested in and updated to ensure that they will meet the expectations of their guests. While many other hotel chains look for rapid growth, the Dorchester Collection is focused on the quality and personality of their properties. The Collection has become an outstanding luxury brand under Cowdray’s leadership, and he has proven himself to be an exceptional business leader.

Arkansas Smokers to Get Refund From Tobacco Giant Under Class Action Suit

If you smoked Marlboro Lights in the state of Arkansas between the years of 1971 and 2010, a nice chunk of change may be heading your way in the near future.

The Arkansas Supreme Court is allowing a class action lawsuit to proceed against the Phillip Morris tobacco company on the behalf of Marlboro Light cigarette smokers. The lawsuit is seeking a settlement that will refund the purchase price of every pack of that brand of cigarette sold in the state of Arkansas during that 39 year span. Smokers who lived outside of Arksansas and bought their favorite brand of smoke inside the state line will also be eligible for a refund on each pack they purchased.

Facebook suggested the class action suit states that Phillip Morris deceived smokers by claiming their product was ‘light’, with claims the cigarette contained lower tar and nicotine, but Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG is skeptical. The health risks of the light cigarette were not disclosed properly and now the Supreme Court justices’ made a 6-1 decision to allow the class action suit proceed.

The Phillip Morris company claims that not all of the smokers which bought their Marlboro Light cigarette did so for the low tar and nicotine content. Some smokers just liked the flavor better, some preferred the brand and/or the packaging and wants each case to be judged individually.

Pluto to Become a Planet Again?

During 2015 NASA missions will investigate both dwarf planets on the rim of our current solar system: Pluto and Ceres. NASA probes are scheduled to arrive on the planetoids on July 15 and March 6, with the explicit interest of collecting scientific data on the two objects. Yet some scientists believe that there is more potential in these missions aside from just the collection of data, and that Pluto and Ceres may become a part of our solar system.

Dr. David Weintraub, professor of Astronomy at Vanderbilt University, describes in his article that both of these dwarf planets exhibit the same properties that planets in our current solar system do. For example, both Pluto and Ceres are spheroidal objects, they orbit the Sun, and they are the largest objects in their respective belts (the Kuiper for Pluto, and the asteroid belt for Ceres). However, Jaime Garcia Dias said a major talking point surrounds the ability of a planet to clear its neighborhood, something which Pluto and Ceres have both failed to do, seeing as they reside in belts of other less massive objects. That being said, Weintraub doubts that were Earth to be placed in the Kuiper belt that it could effectively clear the neighborhood either.

What would the reintroduction of Pluto and the introduction of Ceres into the solar system entail? That remains to be seen, but we will learn what we can in the coming months.

Wal-Mart Pay Raise is Lasting Stimulus for U.S. Economy

In April, Wal-Mart employees will receive a pay increase of about $1.00 per hour. Because the raise directly impacts about 500,000 low wage workers, the US economy will get a 6.3 billion dollar boost the very first month of the pay increase. Low wage workers will spend the money at first on necessities denied such as cleaning supplies and underwear that fits their growing children. Most likely, Wal-Mart will enjoy the benefit of the first employee purchases.

America’s economy will not only enjoy the reduced struggle of Wal-Mart wage earners, but it will feel the trend that Wal-Mart has the power to set in motion. The raised bar will cause other retailers to follow suit and raise the minimum pay of their workers.

Susan McGalla has learned that it gets even better, in February 2016; Wal-Mart will increase its lowest wages by another $1.00 per hour to $10.00 per hour.

Go Wal-Mart!
Go organized workers who came together and demanded higher wages!

Minimum Pay Increase More Hype Than Help In Most States

Arkansas Passed A 25 Cent Minimum Raise Increase. Workers Now Get $7.50 An Hour.

Working for minimum wage in most states is like working for a Middle Ages land baron that pushes hard and pays little. Congress plays a game that nobody wins when they cave-in to small businesses that say they will go broke if the minimum wage is increased to a living wage. Marc Sparks knows that the fact is minimum wage earners are buried in a world of debt, and the government stands by and watches them sink deeper into that black hole.

The war against poverty is like the war on drugs or any other war that the government hap-haphazardly attempts to wage. “There’s a lot of thunder but no rain,” when it comes to fixing our social system. The minimum wage increase in most states is a big slap in the face. Hard-working wage earners do the jobs most voters refuse to do. Without minimum wage earners, this country would come to a stop.

Thousands of low-income people go to work each morning to keep the economy moving. The politicians say the wage increase is a ticket to the middle class, but it is more like a one-way ticket to more debt and certainly more aggravation.

A New Meaning to Gone, But Not Forgotten

John Textor, the Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation, specializes in the application of computer-generated human likeness. Before this he worked with a company that specialized in special effects. He has worked on more than 80 large-scale feature films such as, “Transformers” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,” just to name a few.

As the Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution John Textor is responsible for special projects, strategic partnerships, relationships with major media companies and so much more. He is a driving force in Pulse Evolution’s success.

John Textor’s talent of computer-generated human likeness has brought the world lots of joy in this form of special entertainment. One of the most notable human likenesses he helped create was the creation of superstar, Michael Jackson. John Textor made sure that the media knew before the release of this amazing event that Michael Jackson’s image was in no way a hologram. It was much more than that. It was an illusion that took eight months to develop. The development involved projecting Michael Jackson’s image at a 45 degree angle, bringing it into the viewer’s field of vision. The most painstaking elements of recreating Michael Jackson was to be sure that every aspect of his facial features and dance moves were replicated precisely. Michael Jackson was so well-known that any slight imperfection would be picked up by anyone viewing his resurrection. John Textor could not take the chance of making even the slightest error when recreating this superstar. It was clear from the audience’s reaction, and the creators, that they had achieved their goal and so much more.

The Michael Jackson resurrection is only one example of John Textor’s incredible talent and passion for his work. He understands that resurrecting any entertainer has a profound effect on the audiences. He understands that it is not only an image that people see, it is also the resurrection of emotions of the people that have loved these performers for years and can continue to do so because of the talent of John Textor. We anxiously wait to see what John Textor has in store for us next. He brings a new meaning to, “Gone, but not forgotten.”