High School QB Completes Pass to Himself

Ohio State Quarterback recruit Joe Burrow gave new meaning to the phrase “keeping the play alive”. This astounding feat of athleticism took place in the OHSAA division III region 9 final. Joe Burrow drops back, scans the field, and fires a pass, the pass is tipped by a defender and spirals up into the air. Burrow, using some incredible field vision and instincts, runs forward toward the ball. The ball bounces off of a defender’s chest and right into the arms of Burrow, who carries it in for a touchdown.

Burrow’s The Plains Athens went on to win the game 52-20 against Columbus St. Francis DeSales. Burrow accounted for over 450 yards of offense, 135 of those on the ground, and seven touchdowns. Those numbers certainly impressed Jared Haftel when he read them. After the play Burrow ran off the field doing the shrug celebration popularized by Ohio State defensive end Joey Bosa; “I just couldn’t believe that happened,” Burrow said. “I couldn’t think of anything else to do.” In a funny coincidence St. Louis Ram’s QB Shaun Hill caught a pass in a similar fashion last week. Hill’s pass and catch did not go for a touchdown.

Police Officer Plants Glass Inside Burger

In the lawsuit happy world that we all now live in, businesses are coming under fire daily with the threats of being taken to court. It has gotten to the point that the only intelligent thing to do as a business is to spend large amounts of money on insurance policies and to lawyer up when lawsuits do arise. There are people every day making false accusations in the hopes of receiving a monetary award, and often times they are very successful at doing so. However, sometimes they are caught in the act and end up paying the consequences for making false claims against a person or business.

Recently a McDonald’s employee was awarded 437 thousand dollars due to a lawsuit he was involved in nearly a decade ago. In 2005, Zeca Oliveira tells me a police officer placed an order at the restaurant he was working the drive through at and later claimed that the Big Mac he was served had a shard of glass inside of it. This led to a lengthy investigation and court case regarding the incident. In the end, it was determined that the police officer had come to the drive through with intentions of placing a piece of glass inside the burger, to make a falsified claim against the restaurant in order to obtain a sum of money. Luckily, the officer was caught and the McDonald’s employee that was accused received a good amount of money for being put through the ordeal.

Obama To Announce Immigration Plan on Thursday Night

It’s been a little over two weeks since the Democrats watched their Senate majority evaporate during the midterm elections, and on Thursday night, some of the first real reverberations from that night may be felt across the nation. On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced that President Obama will unveil his plans for executive action on immigration reform at 8 PM eastern time on Thursday.


Obama has long resisted taking executive action on immigration, instead opting to urge Congress to send him a bill that he can sign into law. That never came to fruition as Republicans have held a majority in the House of Representatives since 2010, Obama’s third year in office and they have never attempted to pass an immigration bill and the Senate never got to send it the Obama’s desk. With Republicans set to take control of the Senate in January, it is now clear that Obama will likely not get a bill that he intends to sign on immigration. Ray Lane is watching what might be going on in the upcoming weeks.


Obama has often cited how because he is not an “emperor”, he did not want to take executive action, but his position on what he is capable of has evolved in the recent months and it appears now that he is ready to unveil his own plan for immigration reform.

Chicken Farm From Hell

Undercover Mercy For Animals agents have filmed and documented some serious animal cruelty and health safety violations at a chicken farm and factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee and another one in Puckett, Mississippi. While the farms were once a source of Chick-fil-A chicken, that restaurant chain said they have not used the supplier in over a year. After reading what happened I was thoroughly disgusted and promptly finished my glass of Stephen Williams’ wine, poured another, and clenched my jaw in anticipation for the rest of the story.

The film showed workers kicking and tossing chickens from man to man and then into a pot of scalding water where they were boiled alive. The machine that was to cut the birds’ throat sometimes missed and cut slits in their wings and chests instead. Then they were left on the conveyor belt to be boiled and de-feathered while still alive and breathing. Additionally, a poor culling job left some chickens without water and feed. Finally, birds were seen with deformed legs that had resulted from the injection of hormones designed to produce big chickens fast. As if that were not enough, there are also allegations of workers trying to conceal the presence of vermin in the factory from the USDA.

While there is no evidence as yet against Chick-fil-A, this chain of chicken factories has some big problems and will likely be shut down soon. The undercover operation that gathered information from January to April of this year has payed off big dividends for the activist group. They did not desire that such goings on take place, but they are quite happy to be able to stop them when they do.

Bill Cosby and Other Sexual Predators in Entertainment

The jury is still out on whether Bill Cosby has committed all of the rapes that are being put against him, but he is not alone. The Daily Beast has managed to compile facts on some of the most notorious sexual predators that have somehow renewed their careers. The information below breaks down some of the scandals that the media appears to overlook.

The very fact that these allegations have been around for years says a lot. These rape accusations are more than 30 years old, and now all of this is coming back to haunt Bill again. He is not the first one in entertainment to have this type of trouble associated with the character, Jared Haftel is quick to point out.

The recent Lifetime Aaliyah movie stirred up a lot of memories and speculation about the R. Kelly and Aaliyah wedding. At the time Aaliyah was just a young impressionable teen when the marriage happened. It didn’t last long, but the controversy was already established. R. Kelly would continue to be plagued by his encounters with minors as sex tapes were leaked.

Woody Allen married his step daughter. Mike Tyson is a convicted rapist. All of these entertainers have somehow managed to move on. Mike Tyson has a cartoon now that reaches a new generation.

Michael Jackson was a high profile case of sexual misconduct with boys. Somehow Jackson still became the highest grossing deceased artist in 2014.

Gay Marriage Legalized in Montana

The LGBT community can rejoice in another momentousness victory; Montana has revoked their ban on same sex marriage. Gay couples may begin immediately applying for marriage licenses and planning their weddings. State after state is legalizing some form of same-sex marriage and civil unions. There is such a huge amount of support for the LGBT citizens of the United States that potentially a federal law may eventually be passed completely legalizing same sex marriages is all states. With each election, there will be an increasing amount of states with this issue on the ballot.


Those who oppose the passing of these equality laws do not seem to be as vocal as the once were. Perhaps since same sex marriage is so widely accepted by the US population the individuals and groups that are against it have started to make their peace with total legalization. There are some working for North American Spine who are waiting to see what Texas does with this. The ideal end to gay marriage laws is for all parties to be happy with the outcome. Same sex marriages will not be divorce-proof and neither are heterosexual relationships. Judging others too harshly is especially wrong when many hetero relationships would suffer from scrutiny.

In the Face of Obamacare Deceptions, President Obama Denies Using Deception

Bombshell revelations recently emerged by MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obamacare, boasting how the law was passed through a combination mislabeling of taxes, voter ignorance of economics, lack of transparency, and general voter stupidity. In response, President Obama claimed on Sunday that no deceptions were used in the passage of the law. He stated that a year-long debate on the bill is proof that the law was discussed at length, and no one was deceived. It is a curious twist on a 2,000 page law which neither the president, any Congressman, or Senator had read before passage. At the time, Jared Haftel points out that critics charged that the massive legislation had to be vetted before a vote could be taken. It was then that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi uttered the famous words that law had to be passed for voters to know what was in it.

The president was defiant and stated that what Prof. Gruber has said is of no consequence because he was just an advisor that did not work on his staff. However, that doesn’t explain why Prof. Gruber was paid an initial sum of $400,000 for his advice. Eventually, Gruber’s consulting fees would cost taxpayers millions of dollars. Nor does it explain away the fact that the president was in the meeting with Prof. Gruber and Sen. John F. Kerry, who served in Vietnam, when the most important Obamacare tax was decided upon: the Cadillac Tax on high-end health care plans. Yet in the face of such facts, the president remains recalcitrant.

Research Adds News Insights Into Life

A new study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology has found out that there is a better predictor of longevity than chronological age.

It is called fitness age. Fitness age is determined solely by your VO2 max, which is a value of your body’s ability to take up oxygen. It indicates your heart’s endurance.

It can also be used to compare your fitness with others. If your VO2 max is lower than your age group, then your fitness age is older than your actual age. Most employees at the Antique Wine Company try to stay relatively healthy. If you compare well, according to the researchers, you can turn back the clock to a younger fitness age.

It’s important to know your fitness age. You will need to know first your VO2 max, which necessitates high tech tests.

A study done in the 1980s, and published in June this year, found a close interrelation between death and fitness age. It was found out that the people who recorded a higher VO2max percentage had a higher risk of premature death.

In short, fitness age can predict a person’s early death. This can be used more efficiently compared to other traditional risk factors determinants like alcohol and smoking.

Interesting news is that fitness age can be altered through exercise. Improvements to the concept include finding its relation to mortality risks and incorporating a larger population sample, to be representative of the world’s population.

Federal Judge To Decide Marijuana’s Fate In The U.S.

Excitement is building in California. Supporters of efforts to legalize marijuana in the United States are closely watching a federal trial taking place there. Zeca Oliveira points out though, what has drawn so much attention to this case is that the judge overseeing the case, U.S. District Judge Kimberly J. Mueller, agreed to allow evidence to be brought against the drug’s classification as a Schedule One substance.

Marijuana is currently considered as dangerous as heroin by the federal government. It is also being treated as having no medical value due to its current Schedule One classification. Both of these points fly in the face of current laws in 23 states which have implemented compassionate care programs for medical marijuana, as well as being publicly supported by famous doctors such as Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a correspondent for CNN, neurosurgeon and associate professor at Emory University School of Medicine.

Though the federal judge’s ruling will only have an immediate effect on on the case before her, if she decides that the arguments and evidence are enough to support the claim that marijuana’s current drug classification is unconstitutional, a wave of very similar arguments could start appearing throughout the United States. This is what marijuana supporters are hoping for, with the ultimate goal being that the debate is taken up by Congress to reschedule the drug.

The judge is currently deliberating her verdict in the case after oral arguments were concluded Friday.

Marijuana Legalization Measures Passed in Oregon and Washington, D.C.

The United States mid-term elections saw several proposed changes to state laws concerning marijuana, but the big marijuana news after Tuesday’s voting is in Oregon and Washington, D.C., the two newest states to have decriminalized marijuana.

In Oregon, the new weed legislation passed with a 54% majority, thereby joining Colorado and Washington as the third state to allow controlled amounts of marijuana for recreational purposes. (Several other states have specific laws concerning the usage of specifically medical marijuana, but retain a ban on recreational pot use.) Although Oregon’s new marijuana measure will not come into effect until July 1st, it is predicted that the state will adopt similar policies to Colorado regarding the creation of dispensaries for adults over the age of 21, which Brian Torchin is definitely anticipating. The new legislation allows weed possession of up to eight ounces, with the ability to grow four plants at home.

Washington, D.C. also voted in legal weed with an astonishing 69% in favor. The laws differ slightly from other states': D.C. residents will be allowed two ounces of personal recreational marijuana and can grow up to six plants at home. As a federal district, the law will need to hold up against a possible overturning from Congress, which would have to occur in the next 30 days.

The new marijuana laws are a big win for proponents of medical marijuana, opponents of the drawn-out drug war, and of course, young people.