Why Write A Book?

I think Marc Sparks is right on the money when he discusses the reason why people write books in the first place. The serial entrepreneur admits he never really thought about what led him to write his book titled “They Can’t Eat You My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success” at first. Only after he was bombarded time and time again with the question of why he wrote book, did he really ponder what led him to create his book.

Marc Sparks came up with two primary reasons why people create books and I agree with him wholeheartedly. The first reason he came up with is for the moolah or money. No doubt people write books to make money. There are countless authors who are able to generate an incredible amount of revenue through the creation of novels and biographies. Companies spend lots of time and money to advertise and publicize new books in the hopes that it will boost sales and revenue. Authors go on book tours and sign autographs again hoping to increase sales of their works. According to Marc Sparks very few books actually make money for the author or company. This leads to the second primary reason why people create books.

The second reason that people write books and I agree with Marc Sparks on this is to satisfy their ego. Some people crave attention and publicity. They believe writing a book about their views or life will bring them attention and fame. Writing a book that is centered on them and their own life will satisfy an author’s ego but I think it will have little value to the reader besides reading about how great this person is or what they did.

So this leads me to the third reason why people write books. The final reason is to give back to the community as Marc Sparks states. Inspiring others, helping others to find financial freedom, success in their lives, health or happiness is another reason why people write books. I think this is the most noble reason of all to publish a book. Profits and fame are not important here. If you can impact another person’s life positively, than the goal of giving back to the community has been fulfilled. Marc describes in his book “They Can’t Eat You My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success” that success can come to all who have the drive and will to pursue their dreams despite the obstacles standing in the way. It is a truly inspiring book. To read more on why Marc Sparks wrote his book check out his blog post on why people write books in the first place.

Source: Marc Sparks Blog

Why People Need Professional Intellectual Property Law Help

When it comes to Intellectual Property Law, it is all about getting help for the creations and designs that you have made yourself. More and more people are learning all that they can about Intellectual Property Law because of the fact that they are utilizing this law for themselves every single day. When you need help with law issues, it is always a good idea to speak with an attorney who is going to be able to help you out as much as possible. It is also important to go with a lawyer who is fully experienced with Intellectual Property Law.

One of the most important aspects of Intellectual Property Law is that it can help to protect you if you have a design or creation that was stolen by another person or company. This might include art work that you have done or it could even mean a design for a building or even writing that you made and has been taken by another person without your permission. It is always a good idea to make use of Intellectual Property Law and to speak with a lawyer who is going to be there to assist you in any possible way that they can.

Once you begin to make use of Intellectual Property Law, you will find that it helps you to seal the deal on any type of design infringement that you have dealt with in the past. You will want to speak with a lawyer who is going to let you know what you should be bringing to any and all of the cases that you have a judge listen to in a court of law. You will find that getting this legal help puts your mind at ease and enables you to feel like you are not alone in this matter.

One such professional who is experienced in this type of law would be Frans Schoeman, who is the director of the Phatsima Diamond law firm in south Africa. The fact that Frans Schoeman has years of experience with this type of law enables you to feel like you are working with someone who means business and can get you the results that you both need and want. It is vital that you speak with Frans Schoeman on an individual basis to ensure that you can have your case dealt with and heard by a local judge if it is becoming a problem for you and your work.

When dealing with property law, it is all about having legal representation like Frans Schoeman by your side from CMT throughout the entire process. Once you make the decision to work with an attorney who is experienced in this law, it is easy for you to get the compensation and rights that you have been lacking in order to continue on with your life. For most people, they let these issues go and do not worry about them, but you can easily get compensated for your work if this is a problem for you.

Brad Reifler, The Trading Giant

Society is built from good business leadership. Without good leadership, companies fail and societies get weaker. It is always important for companies to retain the best talent when leadership is involved. The leader of any team should have core values that are consistent with the company brand.

One great leader is entrepreneur and mentor Brad Reifler. Reifler is a businessman that grew up in Southern California, where he was a student of Harvard School for boys. He later went on to becoming a graduate of Bowdoin College. During his career, he founded, and is the former CEO of Pali Capital inc. Reifler is currently the CEO of Forefront Capital.

Reifler has years of experience as a multi faceted entrepreneur and investor. His career began in the early 1980’s as he was the founder of the Reifler Trading Co. This was a premiere investment consulting firm that handled many transactions and held large amounts of proprietary data. The organization also allocated many resources toward research and development. Reifler Trading Company continued to become a dominant player in the independent futures and securities business before it was sold to Refco Inc.

Reifler is considered a global expert and leader in the trading industry. His skill has allowed him to found and run many large businesses within the industry. With his main focus being Forefront Capital, LLc, his company now acts as an umbrella with subsidiaries attached to the brand. These include Forefront Advisory LLC, and Forefront Partners LLC. His brand is well known and well respected as a global leader. His organization has been able to attract top talent in the industry to help the company continue to grow.

FreedomPop Heading Overseas To Conquer Budget Mobile Market

FreedomPop is crossing the Atlantic Ocean and offering its free 4G service to those who live in the UK now. The US mobile operator will be competing with other UK budget mobile providers such as Tesco Mobile and TalkTalk.

According to an article published on the Telegraph FreedomPop on telegraph is in the first phase of its international expansion plan and it plans to start by conquering the UK market. As part of its venture into the UK market, it will offer users 200 texts, 200 minutes of talk, and 200mb of data which is roughly about 100 web page views, for just a onetime setup fee of £7.

Once users pass their free quotas then they are free to purchase packages to allow them to continue to access talk, text, and data; which is how FreedomPop plans to make a profit off consumers. The packages offer a £4.99 and a £16.99 package to address the needs of heavy and light mobile users.

Subscribers that are drawn to the free nature of the mobile service can continue to receive more free allowances if they sign up for marketing surveys that are offered by third parties via the FreedomPop service.

FreedomPop is a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) which means that it does not actually own a mobile infrastructure or mobile masts. Its aim is to steal the budget piece of the market in the UK. They will purchase capacity for use in the UK from the Three network.

The company has high hopes of success in UK because according to its chief executive, Stephen Stokols, it only needs to get 50,000 subscribers in the UK in order to start making a positive cash flow.

He started the company back in 2011 in America, but first came up with the idea for the company while working for BT. Stokols first proposed for BT to launch the project in the retail arm of the company, but they rejected the idea. He then moved onto the American market although Gavin Patterson the chief executive served as an adviser for FreedomPop. Patterson has since stepped down as the UK launch will make it a competitor with his company.

Stokols stated that he his next step will be to head to the UK later in the month to talk to BT about gaining access to the WiFi network owned by his former employer because of their extensive array of hotspots.

Brian Mulligan Revolutionizes Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists use massage, stretches and weight resistance to help treat people who are dealing with an injury, disease or deformity. One of the most influential physiotherapists is Brian Mulligan of New Zealand. Mr. Mulligan trained in physiotherapy at the New Zealand School of Physiotherapy and graduated in 1954. He later opened up a private practice in Wellington where he began to specialize in manual therapy which is used to treat musculoskeletal pain and disability through mobilizing and manipulating the muscles and joints.

After being introduced to manual therapy techniques, he helped form the New Zealand Manipulative Therapist Association with a small group of fellow physiotherapists in 1968. In the same year, he also became the founding member and principle teacher for the post graduate program for the Diploma of Manipulative Therapy, and years later he founded the Mulligan Concept Teachers Association. Since 1972, he has been a sought after lecturer having given speeches and seminars in the U.S. and 20 other countries.

Mr. Mulligan developed the Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy where he proposed the idea that changes in the structure of the joints causes the restriction of movement which leads to sprains and injury. He then created therapeutic techniques that focus on correcting problems with the joints, strengthening the joints and make them more flexible in order to heal the injury and alleviate the pain associated with it. In recognition of his work, Mr. Mulligan has received many awards for his contributions to physiotherapy including the Ball Dynamics Award for Excellence in a Published Case Study and the Award of Excellence of the World Confederation of Physical Therapist.

Brian Mulligan retired in 2000 from the day-to-day practice of being a physiotherapist but continues to be active on the lecture circuit giving seminars in many different countries. He established an organization to help physiotherapist to become accredited teachers of the Mulligan technique so that they can help other physiotherapist to become practitioners of the Mulligan technique. Through this organization Mr. Mulligan’s legacy will continue to be felt in the industry.

FreedomPop Has Big Plans

FreedomPop has finally decided to launch its very much anticipated alpha test. FreedomPop is being eyed by many interested in getting a great deal on an equally great mobile service. FreedomPop is based out of the United States (Los Angeles, specifically) and came up with an amazing plan. A set amount of free phone minutes, text messages, and mobile internet data are provided to people who purchase the phones. Anyone who requires more time/data than what is allotted with the phone can purchase more. The process is simple and it is moving onto Europe and establishing a presence in the U.K.

The amount available on the basic plan is 200 minutes, 200 SMS, and 200MB of internet data. Anyone who is part of the U.K. test can start off with this deal. The ability to greatly expand to more service is possible. The cost for expanded the service is nominal and the amount of data procured is definitely significant. Even though the testing period is an unofficial release, those who take part in the test are going to have a lot of time and data to work with. For only £2/$3 in shipping fees, testers can jump right into the FreedomPop experience.

Why is FreedomPop in fortune.com so interested in test-marketing something that has been widely received in the United States? Each and every market is different and unique nuances end up emerging. To help better launch a massive official release, FreedomPop, like any other forward-thinking company, will solicit and review feedback to make sure the major launch is a successful one. So, the alpha testers in the United Kingdom are going to be very important to FreedomPop’s future strategies. Considering how excellent the service is, testers are probably going to be quite pleased with what is delivered.

The United Kingdom is not the only territory FreedomPop hopes to become a big hit inside. Per Digital Trends, plans also include moving into Spain, France, Germany, and elsewhere. FreedomPop wants to become a huge global leader in the world of mobile service providers. The concept of delivering free internet and phone service definitely helps with the cause.

There are other interesting plans in the works for FreedomPop. An arrangement with the huge telecommunications giant, Three, is being developed. FreedomPop does not want to end up a generic service that comes and goes. The idea at work here is to become a global giant.

The Man Who Sees Things With His Heart

There are a lot of men out there whose desire lies in attaining success. Getting the world to bow before them and if possible worship them. To them nothing matters but their want. Their whims are to be entertained for them to see those around them. Yes, the men out there are many but few have the golden heart of Mr. Haidar Barbouti. Haidar is a man who cares about every little thing. If I wasn’t taught well, I’d swear that he could never harm a fly let alone kill one. This is a man who believes that the property has a soul. Yes you had that right. He is wise for he knows in this world if you do not embrace nature, then you are begging for destruction in the worst way possible. For Mother Nature is not so forgiving. For all its worth he believes in preservation. Keeping the property at its best and nurturing its soul to make it historic.

Barbouti’s interest lies in reinvention and upgrading of property. He is the owner of Highland Village and is behind the success of the firm. In 2006, he was the one who revamped the look of the company to what it is today; a haven of mind-blowing invention. One advantage to this place is that there is amble parking space as Barbouti put up a garage behind B.F. Chans. Looking for packing space is now a thing of the past. It is a continual talk among the retailers chief among them Ed Wulfe who happens to be the Chief Executive Officer of Wulfe and Co. Wulfe, does nothing but give the man well deserved praise for his great work of development and repositioning of the real estate business.

Barbouti has an eye for the market therefore makes sure that his business is at a location that is easily available for those looking for his services. Highland Village is positioned at a location that intersects the regional people, visitors and business ventures.

Mr. Barbouti does not focus on what the world around him is doing. This is the mark of a true entrepreneur. Most of us are usually busy trying to fall second up to our mentors but not Barbouti. He believes in originality. He holds all intention to do things anew each time he has a new tenant. He believes that tenants are opportunities for him to make upgrades.

Park Yeon-mi, an activist with a goal. Reunification

It’s difficult for many of us to believe that a regime such as the one ruling North Korea can still exist in modern times. The oppressive and dogmatic cult of personality currently overseen by Kim Jong-Un feels like a relic, yet it perseveres. Yeonmi Park, a North Korean defector and human rights activist on youtube, isn’t shy when given the opportunity to criticize the man who rules the country she grew up in.

Park never lived under the rule of Kim Jong-Un. After her father was sent to a labor camp for alleged illegal business dealings, her family, which had previously been privileged members of the Worker’s Party, fell on hard times. She and her mother fled across the border into China in 2007, after her father’s release, and while Kim Jong-Il was still in power. That began a 2 year long defection to South Korea, during which she witnessed the death of her father and rape of her mother.

On April 1st, 2009, Park and her mother boarded a flight to South Korea, a new life, and freedom, at last. Considering the costs of that freedom, it’s no wonder Park is quite outspoken.

In the 6 years since escaping North Korea, Park hasn’t been shy in sharing her opinions about the regime from which she fled. You can easily find a more detailed account of her story via TEDx, the Oslo Freedom Forum, or 2014s One Young World summit. She’s also an active member of LiNK (Liberty in North Korea), a nonprofit dedicated to helping North Korean defectors.

In an interview during 2015s Women in the World Summit, Park stated that, “Kim Jong-Un doesn’t like me at all.” I suspect she’s right. As an outspoken critic of the dictator and his regime’s human rights violations, as well as a supporter of North Korea’s growing number of defectors, it’s hard to imagine the young ruler thinking kindly of her.

A February 2014 report by the United Nations Human Rights Council concluded that the North Korean government committed, “human rights abuses at a scale without parallel in the contemporary world.” A spokesperson such as Park, adding a face to these claims, must appear a dire threat to North Korea’s leaders, who I suspect have a deep fear of the modern world’s ultra-connected, Twittersphere and Facebook driven world.

I, for one, hope that the work of Park and others like her push us all towards a resolution of the North Korean crisis that will provide the millions of poverty stricken residents the same opportunities she and her mother have come to appreciate. While undoubtedly difficult, the goal I believe Park is striving for, reunification, is worthy of all our efforts.

Newark CEDC’s Kevin Seawright Achieves Award For Notre Dame Course

A Certificate of Achievement is the latest award to be given to Newark Community Economy Development Corporation’s Kevin Seawright. The accountancy and project management expert was given the award by Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business for successfully completing the second phase of the Executive Leadership Program at the university. The course looks to explain to not for profit leaders how the industry is evolving and taking shape for the future. The area of the course Seawright won his award for was based upon the issues facing nonprofit’s at boardroom level and how changes can be made to aid in future development.

Kevin Seawright has been working in accountancy and community based projects for 13 years and has become a major part of the communities he has worked within over the course of moret han a decade. The Chief Financial Officer of the Newark CEDC has looked to become an improtant member of the communities he has worked in over the last decade and takes his work as a community leadwer as seriously as his role with the Newark CEDC.

After being given his Certificate of Achievement, on his CrunchBase profile Kevin Seawright said he had now made it his quest to inspire all generations of people to achieve as much as possible with their educational opportunities. The completion of the Executive Leadership Program has presented Kevein Seawright with the chance to, not only, help the longevity of his own career, but to inspire those in Newark and beyond to look for opportunities to achieve more through continuing their education.

How To Write Your First Article On Wikipedia

Are you planning on having your own article posted online? You are hoping to have an article on use famous Wikipedia site to help boost your professionalism online? Building an article on this site is very simple and easy, but the problem is that the company and their editors to expect top of the line content in order for articles to be accepted the right way. The best way to get your very own content made successfully is to make sure that you provide Wikipedia with an article that is qualified for the site. Most people outsource their content while others write their own articles. There are benefits to both, but it has always been best to get it done professionally.

Get Your Wiki

Get Your Wiki is an online company that gives you top of the line writing services for those of you who want your very own Wikipedia pages made. It’s never been easier to get these things done without having to struggle and get the work done all on your own. The truth is that writing your very own wiki pages takes time, work, and plenty of patience. The hardest part about Wikipedia is that their expectations for content is much higher than most people know about. This is why they always strive to make sure they are hard on their editors.

Create a Wikipedia pages are tough to write. Get Your Wiki is a site that has some of the most respectable writers. There are countless people who struggle to get their content accepted because of numerous reasons, but this company has all the best writers in the industry. Wikipedia is very well respected online, and getting completely beautiful content is not easy. The best thing to remember when tying to build your own wiki page is to allow for somebody else to get all the information about you or your company so that they can do all the work for you.

If you’d like to do it all on your own, the best thing to do is to join their site, become a writer, and get the chance to learn in the resources center about everything you need to become a better writer. Writers are expected to be amazingly talented, and they’re sure to check up on your content the moment you start working for them. To have plenty of success, hire a professional to have more success with Wikipedia.