B.J.’s Restaurant To Give $10k to Couple Who Name Baby “Quinoa”

Unofficial Alpine reports that the restaurant B.J.’s Bar and Grill is doing something very unique, as their marketing team has announced that they are going to be giving away $10,000 of gift cards to their restaurant to the first couple that names their child “Quinoa”. According to an article found on reddit and written by Eater, the first couple between now and Labor Day will get that prize and despite that it is a little crazy, their marketing team wanted to do something unique and a little out there to celebrate BJ’s new “Quinoa Bowls” that are going to be rolled out this summer.

This is a really strange but also a very interesting concept if you think about it. I am not sure just how receptive people will be to this challenge but I am sure there will be at least one couple out there who will choose to do this. It would be a shame for someone to name their kid Quinoa and then only to find out that someone else had already done it, so hopefully there will be some big announcement when it happens. In any case $10,000 is likely to last enough for a long time, and if you think of the average meal being $50 then it is about 200 meals. Not too shabby and it will be interesting to see how this all plays out down the line from now.

Serial Killer May be on the loose in Rural Ohio Town

Chillicothe, Ohio, with a population of just 21,000 isn’t known for much, until now. The small, mid-western town is currently at the center of an FBI investigation after the remains of four missing women washed up in local creeks. The four deceased individuals were all local, and two more local women remain missing.

According to Zeca Oliveira, The FBI has spent the last several days combing through evidence and attempting to connect the women to a potential suspect. While they have not released information pertaining to a potential suspect, or if they have one, they have managed to link the women to each other. All six women went missing suddenly, they were all mothers, and many of them were struggling with substance abuse. Many of them were prostitutes, according to local media reports.

Investigators have not revealed whether or not they believe a serial killer is on the loose, but hushed words around town indicate the townspeople certainly believe there is a murder among them. The FBI will continue investigating the cases, along with the local police department. It is currently an active investigation.

Scary Movies That Make You Want To Stay Indoors, Maybe

What if movies were real? Wouldn’t you be less likely to want to go outside if you knew some of the things that were lurking around? If you think about certain movies, these movies may make you want to stay indoors, if the indoors are safe at all. Scary Movies That Make You Stay Indoors. When you think about all the things you may be doing this summer like swimming, running, hiking, camping, or hanging out with your friends, think of these movies. These movies just might change your mind, and they may make you want to stay indoors.

Anyone who watched “Cabin In The Woods,” they may change their mind about going away for a weekend in the woods. The movie featured a very unique plot where people control the type of monsters that come after the those who are staying in the cabin. The movie makes you definitely want to stay out of any cabin; even more Andy Wirth says if you watch the movie “Evil Dead!” When thinking about house parties this summer, think about the movie “Scream.”

In the movie Scream, the killer always looked for people who were hiding in the house, so think again when you choose to stay indoors because it might not be safe there. Even the water isn’t safe because there are sharks in the water. The movie “Jaws” scared many beachgoers away from the water. There was a real life shark attack a couple weeks ago in North Carolina, and swimmers have been warned to stay out of the water.

Puppy Power: The Benefits of Choosing Beneful for Your Puppy

Beneful has been a trusted name in dog food since 2001, and the company has developed a special blend for puppies that is known to be widely beneficial to their development. A puppy’s growth is dependent on a lot of different vitamins on a daily basis, and pet owners go through so many puppy food blends to find the one that’s right for their puppy. It doesn’t matter if they are finicky or could eat just about anything. Thankfully, Beneful has come far to find the right ingredients for a growing puppy.

Because a puppy needs extra servings of calcium in order to develop strong bones and teeth, Beneful mixes in large amounts of real milk into its blend, unlike the powdered milk that other large dog food companies have been known to use. And with the right combination of various grains that have been proven to promote an energetic nature, such as whole grain rice, a puppy’s best character traits can be properly nourished. The vitamin rich vegetables and chicken mixed into every bowl ensure that a puppy is getting its day’s worth and does not need to rely on snacks or treats to get through the day.

Many pet owners have also noticed that the blend has helped curbed their puppies bad health, including bloating and apparent stomach aches. Because Beneful’s puppy food has rejected so many of the fillers and additives found in other puppy blends in favor of the few essential ingredients, it makes sense that it would relieve a puppy’s stomach aches rather than further complicate it. And because it has a natural taste few puppies can resist, many pet owners have looked to it to help their puppies that have experienced rapid weight loss or extremely fast metabolisms. Nothing makes a pet owner happier than their puppy with a nice round belly!

And given that a lot of puppies come from shelters or large litters, many pet owners receive their puppies with various health issues. A problem such as a rough fur coat or weak teeth, for example, have been swiftly averted and aided by Beneful’s special mix, and the oils found in its vitamin rich vegetables have helped produce smoother, shinier coats in many puppies.

There are many puppy blends available on the market, but Beneful’s blend has a similarly beneficial mix of vegetables, rice, and chicken that might be found in much more expensive puppy blends.

Greece nearing agreement with lenders

A last minute deal between Greece and the International Money Fund (IMF) lenders has led to an increase in stock prices in Asia as there is continued optimism that a final resolution will be reached. US stock futures are also up on the news and the expectations are that the market will rise significantly Monday now that a deal is in progress.

The last minute deals involved are moves to placate creditors that Greece is taking steps that will make them financially viable in the long term which will appease creditors and lead them to defer payments that are due by Greece shortly. According to Sergio Cortes, Greece has previously indicated that they do not have the funding available to pay these loan repayments and meet their own fiscal obligations to pay state workers.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ proposal does not indicate specifics regarding how much they will increase in taxes and cut costs and some investors are therefore scared of whether the deal will be palatable for both sides. Having said that, the reduction in the tension, as this has gone on for several weeks, means that the both sides are much closer to reaching a resolution than previously thought and that the tension in markets that was felt will be subsiding.

European markets are of course very sensitive to these news with some German banks and insurance companies holding significant amounts of Greek debt. They will likely shoot up on this news.

Amy Schumer Leaves Waiter $500 Tip

Amy Schumer knows what it’s like to work long and hard to make dreams into a reality. The comedian and actress hosts her own Comedy Central television series and saw two seasons of her show produced before the world seemed to notice. When she encountered a waiter struggling his way through college, Amy knew exactly what to do.

The up-and-coming star left the grateful server with a tip of $500 for a $49 order.

According to reports read by Jim Dondero, Amy ordered a bowl of soup at Peter’s Clam Bar in Long Island. It is there that she encountered Ryan, her server for the day. The two engaged in an enlightening conversation where Ryan revealed that he was working two jobs in order to pay his way through college.

Entertaining the entertainer paid off for the waiter, as he had no xpectation that the comedian would leave such a gracious gratuity. Schumer has quickly become a woman of the people, taking time to prank other celebrities, such as Kanye West and socialite wife, Kim Kardashian. She was recently photographed on a jog, where she asked if she excitedly asked if she could photobomb the engaged couple, promising to make them famous.

Schumer’s series, Inside Amy Schumer, received little recognition until the funny gal began bringing real social issues into the limelight. She is largely known for her comedy sketches that have addressed issues such as rape culture and the canonization of celebrities accused of criminal acts.

It was recently announced that the series was renewed for a fourth season.

Man Dies After Being Served Liquid Dish Detergent in Spain

A eatery in Spain accidentally killed one of its customers by serving him liquid dishwasher detergent. According to local reports Andres Lorente, 50, ordered a glass of white wine, but was served detergent instead. He was rushed to an area hospital were he later died.

The eatery, located in Benicarlo, Spain, has not been named, which surprises Stephen Murray CCMP Capital a little. It is believed that the detergent was placed into a wine bottle and placed into the refrigerator accidentally judging off what was reported on Bloomberg. Lorente was the only patron who was given the detergent, according to local reports.

He suffered burns to his stomach, windpipe and throat from the industrial cleaner. The owner of the restaurant was originally arrested, but later released on bail. There is no word on if he will face charges in the incident. The owner of the restaurant refused to comment on why industrial cleaner was placed in a wine bottle, and not kept in a clearly marked container. There is also no explanation for why it was being kept in the refrigerator. Police are still investigating the incident.

A similar incident occurred in Utah, when a woman was given sweet tea that had been mixed with cleaner. That victim survived but was hospitalized for several days.

Rachel Dolezal Claims She Identifies As A Black Person

Rachel Dolezal has landed in a lot of hot water lately because of the fact that she is passing herself as a black woman, and she is actually a white woman. Rachel Dolezal Interview. Many would wonder how someone who was born white could ever portray themselves as black, especially since she was never perceived as black until her recent years. If you look at a past picture of Rachel, it’s unbelievable how much she’s changed. She has darkened her skin over the years, she permanently frizzed her hair, and she’s done everything that she can to look as if she is a black woman.

Many are even accusing her of putting on “blackface,” which they call racist, but Rachel is as far from a racist as one can possibly be. Rachel was head of the Spokane, Washington leg of the NAACP, and now she has chosen to resign. She recently did an interview on TV, and she let everyone know that she identifies herself as black says Eric Pulier. Rachel was born a white woman, similar to how Caitlyn Jenner was born as a male. Now Caitlyn Jenner identifies as a woman, just like how Rachel identifies herself as black.

A transgender person is someone who changes their sex, so why can’t a trans-racial person change their race? Many are now starting to question if it’s fair to accept someone for changing sexes, but not accepting those who feel that they identify as another race.

Chocolate Is a Wise Choice to Satisfy Those Sweet Tooth Cravings

Most of us who are looking out for our health try to eat right. On the other hand, we all have foods we know we shouldn’t eat, but there are times our sweet tooth gets the better of us. Most of these foods contain sugar and are usually fatty as well. Ice cream and pastries are at the top of the list of such foods for many of us. There is one food, however, that had long been considered an unhealthy indulgence, which may not be as bad as some had believed. When that sweet tooth hits, instead of reaching for a Twinkie, cup cake or bowl of ice cream, reach for a couple squares of chocolate.

Those who follow nutrition have known for some time that dark chocolate in particular can have some protective health effects. Researchers out of the University of Aberdeen have lent some credence to this belief by examining the eating habits of thousands of middle-aged and elderly people. Ricardo Guimarães BMG and team found a correlation between the habitual consumption of a moderate amount of chocolate and a reduced incidence of stroke or cardiovascular disease (find data on cmbh.mg.gov.br). Now, this does not mean you should go out and buy a half pound chocolate bar and wolf it down. Chocolate is also fattening and obesity increases our risk for any number of diseases and disorders. However, when the sweet tooth strikes, it will certainly be better than some of the alternatives you might choose instead.

Rachel Dolezal Scandal Focuses on How We Define Race

The President of the Seattle Chapter of the NAACP is embroiled in a scandal regarding her race. Rachel Dolezal has portrayed herself to be an African American woman but her parents, who are both caucasian, have declared that their daughter is not African American and neither of them are even mixed. Dolezal’s parents state that they do not understand why their daughter is portraying her race identity in this manner and state that their daughter has not explained to them why she is doing it. Seattle NAACP Head Defends Her Decision to Live As Black WomanDolezal was scheduled to address the claims at a meeting of the Seattle Chapter of the NAACP this week but she has postponed that meeting. According to Flavio Maluf, officials within the organization have not stated whether Dolezal has done anything wrong. It is even unclear if she has falsified any documents or made any misrepresentations. How one identifies themselves has been a dominant issue in society today. Many people have rejected past labels of race sex and identity given to them at birth and have changed every aspect about them to fit the identity that truly fits them. Some question that if one can change their sexual identity then why not their race? In fact science has proven that color is truly only skin deep and that all people share common genetic markers and in fact undistinguishable under the surface of their skin.